No fancy cameras. No intensive training.

→ Make an impact.

→ Attract attention.

→ Gain deeper trust from audiences.

→ Leave an artful legacy.

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HI THERE! I’m Gabrielle,

a professional photographer who believes you can discover the richness of photography without having to buy expensive cameras or dedicate years to professional training.

I help business professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives use their phones to create stronger photos that impress, get noticed, and build deeper trust with their audiences.

I simplify intricate photography techniques and provide an easy-to-follow process so you can start improving the photos you already take with your phone.

Adding photography to your toolkit has never been simpler. Discover the benefits of creating strong, consistent photos without buying professional camera gear and watching countless hours of YouTube videos.

I’ve got you covered!

Go from “meh” to “wow!” by tweaking the way you use your phone camera.

No more guesswork. Learn how to take your photos to the next level.

What you will learn:

  1. How to use light to elevate the quality, clarity and brightness of your photos
  2. How to take photos with your phone that don’t look like they were taken with your phone (say goodbye to that amateur look!)
  3. How to take portraits and selfies that impress and make an impact
  4. How to use powerful visual techniques that are known to attract and retain audience attention
  5. How to harness the power of visual storytelling using a simple question & answer guide
  6. How to develop a habit of taking photos that are consistently good (never rely on luck again!)
  7. How to edit your photos in Lightroom Mobile and how to create your own presets


My colleagues and I wanted to improve our photography taking skills with our phones, and we decided to ask Gabrielle to do that for us. The course was very engaging and informative. Gabrielle explained everything in a clear and simple way, and she gave us plenty of tips and tricks to improve our photography skills. We would highly recommend Gabrielle to anyone who wants to learn or improve their photography skills, or simply have a great time taking photos. She is a professional, talented, and passionate photographer, and a wonderful teacher and person.

Elena Cvetkova, Amadeus.com

I learned so many tips and tricks – from modifying the settings on my phone to how to make better use of the light!  Gabrielle is an engaging and approachable teacher. She offers great advice – her experience in photography and editing really shows. Would highly recommend!

Chelsea Ross

I took Gabrielle’s mobile photography course and highly recommend it. I really appreciated the slides she shared, as I can go back and review things whenever I need to. It was great to review lighting and composition topics I learned many years ago in high school, how to properly set up my mobile camera, and use Lightroom. I can now make better setups and adjustments just like Gabrielle’s examples here! I now take 2 minutes to adjust/edit a photo before I share it, and get lots of compliments!

Matt Molinski



Yes. Although I show how to use specific iPhone camera settings, most of what is taught in this course can be applied to any mobile phone camera.

Is this course for all skill levels?
Yes. This is a beginner photography course and you don’t need to have any experience with taking photos or using a camera. This course is also a great starting point if you are interested in pursuing a career in professional photography.
What do I need before taking the course?
All you need is a mobile phone. You won’t need to install any camera apps or to buy any accessories for your phone. I recommend that you download and install the free version of Adobe Lightroom. You will learn how to use this app to edit and export your photos for social media and for printing.

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