Hey there! Bienvenue, welcome here!

I’m Gabrielle Touchette, the photographer behind the camera — one who’s always looking to create, to express and to communicate. I’ve been a full time photographer for 10+ years but my passion for photography started long before that. Since my early teens I always knew I wanted to be a creative but was never sure what that would eventually lead to.

From wanting to be a visual artist, documentary filmmaker, web designer, then photographer, those passions tugged at me throughout my early years but finally culminated to one conclusion: I’m a visual creator and communicator. At some point I also caught the entrepreneurial bug and discovered that my left & right brain work well in tandem. But I was still unsure of the next step.

In the early 2000s I worked in the restaurant, web and film industries before I figured out what I truly wanted to jump into: photography and running my own business. I finally had a lightbulb moment, and when mixed with a huge dose of courage, I quit my day job to pursue a diploma in professional photography. I graduated in 2008 while launching my photography business.


I’m a Winnipegger, proud of my Franco-Manitoban roots and in love with my city. My travels to Quebec, Europe and the West Coast have inspired me throughout the years, but I’m most at home at home. When not working, I love exploring the food scene with my husband, making art with my kiddos or having cappuccinos with friends.

I’m incredibly thankful for my family — they have always been so supportive and flexible while I searched for the elusive work/life balance. It wasn’t always easy for my daughters to be born into the opposite of a 9-5 lifestyle, but I’m delighted to see their passion for the arts and photography, and even entrepreneurship! Seeing that spark in them reminds we of how that spark first started in me, and it makes me smile.


Through the years my business grew along with my passion for capturing dynamic imagery and communicating the richness of people’s lives. Having focused on portraits primarily throughout my career, I’ve also had opportunities to work with local businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives. That spark has grown in the past couple of years and led to new projects in brand photography, social media content creation and website visuals.

I’m passionate about what’s on people’s hearts and motivated to help them capture and express those riches. I’m always up for new projects and creative exploration, and if you’ve read this whole page this far, my guess is that you also value that a lot.