About Gabrielle

Hey there! Bienvenue, welcome here!

I’m Gabrielle Touchette, the photographer behind the camera — one who’s always looking to create, to express and to communicate. I’ve been a full time photographer for 15+ years but my passion for photography started when I got my first point and shoot camera at 13. I was completely captivated by the art of it, but had no idea it would become a career.

From wanting to be a visual artist, documentary filmmaker, web designer, then photographer, it took a bit of a journey to realize what I truly wanted: to become a visual creator and communicator.

I took a few years off after high school and worked some fun jobs in the web and film industries. Eventually I caught the entrepreneurial bug and decided I wanted to run my own creative business. In 2007 I quit my day job to pursue a diploma in professional photography. I graduated in 2008 from PrairieView School of Photography and launched my photography business that year.

Since then I’ve been specializing in portrait, wedding and commercial photography as well as teaching photography and hosting workshops. In 2021 I launched my first mobile phone photography course online and I’ve been amazed to see the demand for it grow over the last couple of years. Today I allocate my full time to portrait and commercial shoots as well as teaching photography.


I’m a Winnipegger, proud of my Franco-Manitoban roots and in love with my city. My travels to Quebec, Europe and the West Coast have inspired me throughout the years, but I’m most at home at home. When not working, I love exploring the food scene with my husband, making art with my kiddos or having cappuccinos with friends.


Through the years my business grew along with my passion for capturing dynamic imagery and communicating the richness of people’s lives. I started teaching photography in 2008 and have loved every opportunity to share my love of photography and image creation with others.

I’m my most happiest when I’m either taking photos or helping others take photos themselves. I’m passionate about what’s on people’s hearts and minds and the projects they’re most excited about. Being able to help others capture and express those things is something that brings me great joy.