Elevate Your Phone Photography

Free Masterclass

Join me for a free masterclass and learn how to take pro-looking photos with just your phone camera. Learn how to integrate better photography habits in your busy life and how to take photos that make a big impression.

This masterclass is for you if

→ you take a lot of photos with your phone but you’re frustrated that they never look very good

→ you’re tired of wasting time searching YouTube for photo tutorials, not knowing what exactly you need to learn

→ you don’t want to invest time and money in DSLR cameras and advanced photography courses

→ you feel like you’re not using your phone to its max potential and are missing out on creating better shots

things will change for you with my solution →

I will show you how to leverage the convenience of modern technology (your phone!) and the basic principles of photography (which have been around for 200 years) to start improving your photos

right away

In this materclass you will learn:

→  The magic of light

Ever wonder how pro photographers seem to capture the most dynamic light so effortlessly? I will show you what tricks they use to make it happen intentionally and without fail.

→  captivating angles

Every photo taken with a phone is one small tweak away from reaching a pro-level look. I’ll reveal the simple step you should take before clicking that shutter to make your shots look pro.

→  attention grabbing

We all know that attention is the biggest commodity in today’s digital economy. I’ll show you how to maximize attention retention in all your photos so that you can grow a more captivated and loyal audience.

→  storytell like a pro

Storytelling allows us to communicate ideas and emotions too complex for words. I will show you how to leverage the timeless power of storytelling in every photo you take with my easy-to-follow process.

→  discover editing

I will teach you how editing can improve your audience retention, loyalty and trust. Discover the most powerful editing tool every pro uses (and how to get it for free on your phone).

how I used to take phone photos


how I take phone photos now

Get instant access to my streamlined process for achieving photography success in less time and with simpler techniques.

All you need is a phone camera. 

see the transformation


When Shawna started her online business Too Busy Livin’, she was relying on her iPhone camera to create lots of fresh content for her website and Instagram account. Her photos kept falling flat so she came to me to get some guidance.

After learning my step-by-step process for leveraging the power of her iPhone camera and applying the right photography principles, Shawna saw a huge transformation in her photos.

She can now take photos with purpose and confidence, never relying on sheer luck or blind hope for creating high-impact photos for her audience.






I’m Gabrielle

After 8 years of photography courses and professional education, running a full time photography business for over 15 years, but always separating my “good photography” (taken with my fancy cameras) from my “bad photos” (taken with my iPhone camera), I had a mindset shift.

What if I started applying my professional expertise of photography to my iPhone camera?

Once I started taking my phone photos with more intention, purpose and creativity, I noticed a huge improvement in the quality of my phone photos and others started to notice. That’s when I started “Level Up Your Phone Photography” – an easy-to-follow learning experience for people looking to finally learn how to take better photos.

No more guess work. No more accidental successes.

Join me in this 45-minute free masterclass where I promise I will show you how to take the phone camera you already own and start taking pro-quality photos so that you can take your photography to the next level with minimal time and no additional camera equipment.


Simple, timeless photography techniques

Learn the basic principles of photography and apply them every time you take a photo

access divergent thinking

Learn to engage the parts of your brain associated with creativity and divergent thinking

more creativity

Go deeper in exploration of solutions for more creative compositions and unique artistic expressions


increase visual perception

learn how to analyze, identify and visualize more optimal images before the photo is even taken

attain proficieny as a photographer

practice and repeat the process, solidify the skills and this will naturally transform you into a stronger visual communicator

level up your photography for life

no more guesswork – integrate better photography habits into your busy life and compound your skills over time


What People are Saying

“very engaging and informative”

My colleagues and I wanted to improve our photography taking skills with our phones, and we decided to ask Gabrielle to do that for us. The course was very engaging and informative. Gabrielle explained everything in a clear and simple way, and she gave us plenty of tips and tricks to improve our photography skills. We would highly recommend Gabrielle to anyone who wants to learn or improve their photography skills, or simply have a great time taking photos. She is a professional, talented, and passionate photographer, and a wonderful teacher and person.

 – Elena Cvetkova, Amadeus.com

“I learned so many tips”

I learned so many tips and tricks – from modifying the settings on my phone to how to make better use of the light!  Gabrielle is an engaging and approachable teacher. She offers great advice – her experience in photography and editing really shows. Would highly recommend!

– Chelsea Ross

“I can now make better setups”

I took Gabrielle’s mobile photography course and highly recommend it. I really appreciated the slides she shared, as I can go back and review things whenever I need to. It was great to review lighting and composition topics I learned many years ago in high school, how to properly set up my mobile camera, and use Lightroom. I can now make better setups and adjustments just like Gabrielle’s examples here! I now take 2 minutes to adjust/edit a photo before I share it, and get lots of compliments!

– Matthew Molinski