Going on a photography trip to Zion National Park in the Winter was an unforgettable experience. In the week I was there, my favourite photos came from five key locations.

Here are my favourite five spots in Zion to take photos:

#1 – the trail leading to Angels Landing

The afternoon view walking up the West Rim Trail, just before entering Refrigerator Canyon.

Park at the Grotto Trailhead, walk across the bridge over the Virgin River and head along the West Rim Trail. The trail will gain elevation pretty quickly and lead you to Walter’s Wiggles, a very steep series of 21 switchbacks to get you up to Scout Lookout. Just beyond Scout Lookout is Angels Landing. You must get a permit from the National Park Service to hike Angels Landing, but you don’t need a permit if you end your hike at Scout Lookout. The views on the West Rim Trail just before the mouth of Refrigerator Canyon are breathtaking. This is where we stopped a lot to take photos. We also made sure to keep our kids away from the steep edges – the drop offs are no joke! Walter’s Wiggles was also a fun place for photos, but make sure to bring ice grippers for your boots in the winter, otherwise you may have to crawl on your hands and knees to avoid slipping off the edge. (like we did!)


#2 – Riverside Walk

The sun shining through the canyon walls, above the Virgin River.

This trail is a great place to get a unique view of the Virgin River surrounded by high, majestic canyon walls. This is a leisurely walk on relatively flat ground so it made for a nice excursion to capture photos. Seeing the contrasted colours of the water against the orange canyon walls added an extra pop to my photos.


#3 – Lower Emerald Pools Trail

We had to watch out for completely ice-covered trails at Lower Emerald Pools, but it was worth it!

Starting at Zion Lodge, you’ll cross over the bridge to start this beautiful hike into some breathtaking views of the Lower Emerald Pools. Especially in the winter, the fascinating formations of ice next to the active waterfall made for some gorgeous captures. The hike was really treacherous as some parts were fully ice covered, but it made for a fun adventure and our kids loved it.


#4 – Zion Canyon Scenic Drive

We rented a hybrid Jeep convertible and it was such a fun way to take in the views on the Scenic Drive at Zion National Park.

The very first drive you’ll want to make is on the Mount Carmel Hwy just past the Canyon Junction Bridge. This windy highway climbs quickly and the views are absolutely incredible. I can’t even begin to explain the feeling I got driving through the very first time. It was a bit chilly, but we had the top down on our Jeep and being able to look straight up at the canyon walls was indescribable. There are a few spots along the highway where you can pull over, park your vehicle and step out to take photos of the scenery. We did this drive several time throughout the week we were there, and we never got tired of it once.