How often does this happen to you? You bake a delicious recipe and you want to take an iPhone photo of your pie in your kitchen — but you have awful lighting. It’s the evening, there is no natural light coming from the windows, so your kitchen lights are the only lighting you have.

An iPhone photo of a pear pie taken in very bad lighting in a kitchen at home under overhead lights.

Flat lay photo taken under my kitchen pot lights at night, with my hands casting ugly shadows on the pie.

When taking a flat lay photo under indoor lights, you’ll inevitably cast a shadow on your food of your hand holding your camera. The pot lights are straight above and making the lighting situation horrible!

But here’s how you can fix this photo.

Instead of shooting straight above your food, tilt your camera at an angle to avoid the shadows from hitting your food. Once the subject is free from shadows, take the photo. Take it to Lightroom Mobile to apply some editing to it, and voilà – you’ve instantly improved your photo! Here is the result:

A flat lay iphone photo of a pie using overhead lights at home on a dark evening.

Photo taken under my kitchen pot lights at night, with the iPhone camera angled to avoid shadows.

But let’s take it a step further and introduce an artificial LED light!

I bought the BOLING BL-P1 LED Light earlier this year for night portraits, but have found a lot of extra uses for it.

For example, if you find yourself in a situation where ambient light is just not cutting it (like my kitchen pot lights at night), introducing this hand-held LED light can work wonders on your lighting. In this case I held it at an angle so that it would create a nicer lighting & shadow effect. Here are the results:

Flat lay iphone photo of a pie using a hand held LED light to better light the subject.

Photo taken with the BOLING BL-P1 LED Light to give it a more pleasing look.

I love love love this light because it fixes lighting issues on the fly whenever I’m shooting with my iPhone camera. It’s small, light and extremely portable. But don’t be fooled by its sized – it emits an extremely powerful light, which is essential for creating high quality, clear photos with your iPhone.

It also has a built-in rechargeable battery so you never have to worry about swapping out dead batteries. It also provides a full spectrum of colour so you can adjust the light to any colour situation. I use it both in my professional photography work and also for my iPhone photography on the go.

It’s fairly affordable and if you’re serious about taking your iPhone photography to the next level, I believe it’s well worth the price.

Buy yours here! BOLING BL-P1 LED Light on Amazon

Happy baking, and happy shooting!

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